Take a backup of your storage securely and protect your data from loss.


Volume Backup Service (VBS) protects your data to be recovered in case of a disaster. It provides the users full control to take snapshots-based backups of their workloads and recover them to any point-in-time with a single click.

With this easy to use service, users can take full and incremental backups. Users can schedule automatic backups of the workloads either serially or in parallel. The service also provides flexible restore options including In-place restore and point-in-time recovery of the workloads.



DETASAD’s VBS is easy to use the backup solution as it can be configured easily. Besides, the storage space on backup servers can be easily expanded when required.


You can apply different backup policies as per your requirements. VBS provides a flexbible and agile backup policy configuration.

Low Cost

VBS allows you to take a full initial backup which is then followed by regular incremental backups. It is significantly reducing the space occupied by backup files.

Safe & Secure

With DETASAD VBS, rest assured that your data backup is also protected. Backup data is stored in multiple data centers, ensuring 99.999% data durability.


Backup Types: Full Backup, Differential Backup, Incremental Backup, File-Level Backup

Backup Control: Policy-Driven, Automatic Job Scheduling

Restore Type: One-Click Restore, Selective Restore
  • Selective restores: While restoring, users can choose different target networks, target volume types, Include/exclude specific instances to restore, and target flavor for each instance, etc.

  • In-place restore a volume or a VM: User may want to restore an existing volume to a particular point in time. In-place restore functionality will overwrite existing volume with the data from the backup media.

  • Schedule application-aware snapshots to capture changed blocks of your workloads.

Consolidated User Interface

Enterprise Application-Aware. Qualified for the following applications:
  • MySQL

  • Microsoft SQL

  • Oracle

  • Maria DB

  • MS SharePoint on MS SQL



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