Outside Plant

Out Side Plant (OSP)

Outside Plant (OSP) Engineering/ Implementation Group

DETASAD has a full service OSP Engineering/Implementation group with expertise in all areas related to OSP:

1) Planning
2) Design
3) Construction
4) Project Management
5) Implementation
6) Splicing And Test of Fiber Optic Cable (FOC) Networks
7) Building FOC networks in Long Haul as well as city areas including FTTx environment
8) More than 27 years experience in KSA
9) Provide most innovative and economical solutions to OSP challenges
Complete projects on or before schedule
Complete project to full customer satisfaction


Our OSP Turnkey Projects capabilities are

1)  Initial concept of a network
2) Planning
3) Budgeting
4) Design
5) Construction
6) Commissioning


For more information see the detailed description of our OSP Turnkey project capabilities.