Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

   Governments and corporations all over the world are adopting the latest technologies to improve their services. Information & Communication Technology evolution is continuously reshaping the world. Implementing new technologies and upgrading existing infrastructure is imperative for organizations to accommodate the altering requirements of an ever-changing world and to stay competitive in the new global economy.

   Managed Services (MS) includes operations and maintenance with the activities of running the telecommunication systems and facilities on a day-to-day basis and of repairing the systems as well as providing services related to maintain and improve the network infrastructure, implement requirements of service provisioning and service growth, modifications and alteration of site and plant installation and all other associated services. This also includes amongst others general administrative work, and operating activities; the provision of offices, accommodations and vehicles, the consumable and non-consumable materials for systems and facilities, the execution of repair and calibration, the staffing for managers, engineers, technicians and support staff.

   Detasad is the incumbent contractor for Managed Services Transport Network of our major client’s transmission network for telecommunications and Information Technology (IT) services with vast experience and an unparalleled record of reliability, quality and duration of provision of services