Data Center Services (Level3 extended)

Data Center Services (Level 3 extended)

Data Center Services (Level 3 extended certified by TUVIT as Trusted Site Infrastructure)

Outsourcing mission-critical IT systems and running managed IT solutions involves a large amount of trust. This governs the principle on which we designed and operate our data center. Our infrastructure is built to the highest industry standards, offers high levels of physical and environmental resilience and is protected against power outages and unauthorized access.

Detecon Al Saudia’s Data Center is designed and built to international best practices


Our facility is designed adhering to the Telecommunications Industry Association's TIA 942 Tier-3 standard. In specific disciplines our data center is covering even Tier-4 requirements, e.g. a complete 2N double conversion online UPS system. Our data center infrastructure increases operational efficiency and provides ultimate reliability.

  • Highly available disaster recovery site with fallback workplaces on-site
  • Housing of server racks in secure private cages
  • Physically and electronically secured environment
  • Computerized building management system (BMS)
  • Redundant power supply through generators (1.27MW) and UPS (1.1MW)
  • Precisions air-conditioning system

Within Detasad Data Center