VSAT satellite services

DETASAD Satellite-Based Communication Services

DETECON AL SAUDIA CO. LTD. (DETASAD), a licensed VSAT Service Provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, offers satellite-based communication services of highest quality and reliability.

To the ends of the earth: information transport via satellite

DETASAD installs the transmission equipment (VSATs: Very Small Aperture Terminals) directly at the customer’s site, for example, on the roof of a building. The satellite signal is sent and received by satellite dishes. VSATs connect to any customer’s equipment that provides standard data or voice interfaces.
Optionally, the DETASAD hub stations can also be used.
They offer a number of gateway connections to terrestrial or other networks.

DETASAD: Turnkey solutions for satellite communications

DETASAD supports its customers from the planning stages through start-up and then provides ongoing support for countrywide business communications infrastructures. It focuses on providing satellite-based networks for sending and receiving data, voice and video throughout the country.
The company’s technical nerve center is the ultramodern Network Operations Center (NOC) in Riyadh.
DETASAD offers satellite-based solutions for corporate Networks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but can offer also worldwide solutions together with its partner companies T–Systems and Plenexis.

DETASAD: Your all-around partner for service!

With DETASAD, you get one-stop shopping: planning, implementation and customer service from A_to_Z.

Consulting, including analysis of your communications needs

Network and system design

Commercial solutions and individual financing arrangements on request

Provider of satellite capacity

Provider of operating licenses

Turn-key installation, operation and maintenance for all sites

24 x7 network management and monitoring by our Network Operations Center

24 x7 User Help desk

Versatile DETASAD Services: user-friendly features

Flexibility means optimal pricing of solutions

Network access with fixed or dynamic information rates

Flat-rate or volume-dependent usage charges

Linking different computer environments

Simultaneous use of multiple protocols per site

Integration of different computer environments into a homogeneous network

Gateways for linking to terrestrial or other networks


Corporate Network Solutions Office Connect Solutions

Network Enterprise-internal communication network (intranet), from point-to-point to fully meshed Enterprise-internal communication network (intranet), star-shaped structure (Headquarter - branch office)

Customer Profile Blue chip companies and top-sized enterprises and organizations with at least two locations, probably in different regions Major enterprises with small subsidiaries or branches (typically more than 10 locations )

Applications E-mail, http, office systems, ERP, CRM or SCM systems like SAP, telephone/fax (analogous, digital), video conferencing E-mail, http, ERP, Point-of-Sales applications, system control (SCADA), IP streaming, file distribution

Connections and Topology Enterprise locations are networked to each other and can communicate with the head office or from one to another (installation of antennas on enterprise site) Remote stations of the customer are connected through a central location and communicate through the head office, but no communication between remote locations via satellite

VSAT Terminal DETASAD satellite terminals (antennas from 1.2 to 3.7m dish size, amplifier, modem, multiplexer, router) DETASAD satellite terminals (antennas from 0.9 to 1.2m dish size, amplifier, indoor unit)

Requirements of the Enterprise Enterprise which is looking for a homogenous network of any type (point-to-point, partly or fully meshed) and of any size. Network should be capable to cover all communication needs (data, voice, and video). Existing connections to remote locations are overloaded and too expensive to upgrade or do not provide sufficient quality (stability, availability, throughput). Or connections are even not available at all in hard to get regions. Single branch offices cannot be connected (last mile problem). Employees do not have a reliable access to enterprise data. Companies who operate large centralized networks (e.g. banks or agencies) are looking for a homogenous and economical network solution. Existing terrestrial connections to the remote stations are overloaded by increasing data quantities and applications. Terrestrial connections cost too much. There is a need for higher bandwidth and boosting functionalities from time to time. Single remotes cannot be connected terrestrially by missing a local loop. Employees do not have access to internal enterprise data. Employees cannot communicate.

Communication Protocol Frame Relay, IP, Bit transparent IP, X.25 (optionally )

Bandwidths Up to 155 Mbps per connection In the forward channel up to 35 Mbps, in the return channel to 512 kbps

Benefits Homogenous network for all customer locations. Combination and integration of satellite-based and terrestrial communication paths. Diverse customer applications can be supported. Time-critical applications are possible through guaranteed bandwidths. The network structure is flexible, bandwidth can be easily upgraded and allocated to different locations on demand. The transmission capacity is optimally used in comparison to the costs. Committed and excess information rates guarantee high performance. Easy to handle network structures even with large number of locations.

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