IT Services


DETECON AL SAUDIA CO. LTD. (DETASAD) is a licensed provider of Internet Services and Network Operation Center Services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Information and Communications Technology Services

 Guidline for provision of IT services

DETASAD designs, implements and operates turn-key IT solutions for corporate customers and governmental institutions. Our scope of services includes the provision of following IT solutions:

IT Infrastructure Solutions on a Customized Level

Telecommunication and IT ( ICT) Consulting

Telecommunication and IT Network and System Design (LAN&WAN)

ICT Infrastructure implementation, i.e. structured cabling, delivery and configuration of active and passive components as well as its operation

DETASAD Managed IT Network and Data Center Services

Corporate Network Analyzes (Traffic Flow, Application Profiles, Load/Congestions)

Network Optimization (Data Compression, QoS, Access Policies)

Ongoing NMS Services

Data Security Solutions

Backup, Business Continuity as well as Disaster Recovery Solutions

Storage and Tape Library Services

DETASAD Internet Services

Dedicated or Shared Internet Access at any location within KSA

Standard or customized Firewall and DMZ solutions

 Service Level and Operations Agreement for Internet Services

Standard Terms of Contract for ICT Services