SAP-Certified infrastructure operations services
Published 2017-01-29
Our company is an SAP-Certified provider of infrastructure operations services. SAP-Certified providers of infrastructure operations services have received certification from SAP of their ability to deliver high-quality infrastructure operations services for SAP customers. more
Detasad appoints new President and CEO
Published 2017-01-01
Effective January 1st, 2017 Detasad appoints Felix Wass as President and CEO to continue the growth and transformation of Detasad to a diversified telecoms and ICT/ Cloud solution provider. more
Detasad appoints Mr. Adel Al Gidawi as Acting President/CEO
Published 2016-06-13
Detasad appoints Mr. Adel Al Gidawi as Acting President/CEO. He shall continue to hold the position of SVP/CFO along with the new position. Mr. Doerrschuck remains a member of the Board of Directors for Detasad. more